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Pro Operator 2014

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Cereals 2013

Article 1:

There are several changes being implemented in the next 3 years that are going to have an impact on all farms and how they apply pesticides.

In order to comply the following Key Dates should be noted:


During 2014
You should have now completed your Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) and it will need to be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Please contact me for further information.

26th Nov 2015
Sprayer Operator MUST be qualified.
Grandfather rights will be abolished and all operators must hold a valid qualification to apply pesticides.

26th Nov 2016
Spray Equipment MUST have NSTS Certificate.
All sprayers and spray equipment need to have had at least one National Sprayers Testing Scheme Certificate by this stage in order to comply.

By using a qualified and experienced contractor all the above can be illuminated and the onus will be on the contractor and the agronomist to ensure all legislation is complied with.