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Fertilizer Sowing:

Fertilizer Sowing with GPS Rate Controlled Spreader with automatic headland management.


Contract Spraying

Dedicated professional spraying contractor.
Experience of spraying in wide range of different crops. (Barley, Wheat, Oats, Oilseed Rape, Grass Maize & Fodder Beet)
Self Propelled Sprayer fitted with GPS Guidance and Automatic Section Control.
Full NSTS Tested
Complete Record Keeping for Cross Compliance.
Chemical storage facilities available with disposal of packaging etc.

One Pass Sowing

Amazone AD-P Super Air Drill Power Harrow Combination.
Front Combination Press available.

Stubble Discing

Simba 4.6 X-Press for heavy cultivation of stubble for min-till establishment of crops or on primary cultivation of ploughed ground.
Ideal for Bird cover destruction prior to ploughing.

Avadex Pesticide Application & Slug Pelleting

John Deere Gator UTV and a Stocks applicator that can apply powder or small seeds extremely accurately over a boom width. The machine is fully automatic with GPS reate control and guidance. It is specifically built to apply Avadex pesticide, a powder that is used for grass weed control in crops and is the only applicator for this pesticide currently in Northern Ireland. It can also sow grass seed, slug pellets and sow catch crops.

Honda Quad and Stocks Applicator for Slug Pelleting.


Stubble to Stubble Management

Stubble to Stubble management is available from part to complete management of crops and associated inputs.

Having my BASIS in Agronomy, FACTS Qualification & Nutrient Management Qualification enables me to do all pesticide and fertilizer planning to comply with all cross compliance standards.
An ideal way to retain “Active Farmer” Status for Single Farm Payments.

Grass Reseeds

Below are pictures of a grass field that had been round-up'ed for reseeding. After 2 passes with the Simba X-Press and a run with a Power Harrow it was ready for rolling and sowing!

On stony and rocky soils this is an ideal way of establishing grass reseeds.


power harrow